We believe in the KISS principal.

We try to provide the simplest solution that will save you more than it costs within its first year of use.

We are not lovers of "high tech" and fancy gadgets.
The internet is not the best solution for everything and large database products often add unnecessary cost. We leave the doors open for future migration, but why pay extra for something you may never need?

Rarely do we need to provide users manuals.
Nobody reads them, and if you can't figure out how to use our product, we'll change it so that you can. We use Microsoft Access and Visual Basic because they meet these goals best. We have developed programs using everything from binary to Fortran to "C++" and a multitude of other languages over the years, but all of these take more time, therefore cost more.

We don't take advantage of anyone, and we expect likewise.
Like many professionals, we work on retainer, charge for all job-related time, therefore we are happy to answer any questions or make any small adjustments you might want.