Some businesses try to use a back hoe to do what a garden spade will do, some vice versa. We can help determine the correct tool for what you want to accomplish. Still using paper forms to manage your information flow? We have helped many businesses move from paper tracking sheets to touch-screen inputs, barcoded tracker sheets and other methods that pay for themselves very quickly. Most software developers will roll their eyes if you say you are using a paper system. Look at our "philosophy" page and you will understand why we are happy starting at that point. Sometimes paper forms do make sense, but when possible, it is nice if the computer can automatically create as much of them as possible.


The other area many companies loose efficiency is in producing paper reports. Producing a multi-page report so that you can find the data you need to estimate production schedules etc. can be inefficient or inaccurate. We often ask the question "What is it you want this report to tell you?" and then design a screen, automated spreadsheet or simple report to give you just what you want.


Since we are not "techno-nerds" we won't say "step into the 21st century". We understand that sometimes your business grows so fast you don't have time to update your information systems, and we can design a migration plan that won't take you "offline" or disrupt your current work flow as we help you become as efficient and competitive as you want to be.