Seven Mountains Custom Software
is a small company with a lot of experience. We are not a bunch of programmers or an employee looking for job security. We solve problems related to data and technology, and we want to finish the job and move on as much as you do. Most of our work comes from existing clients wanting software changes or from people who heard about us from previous clients. For this reason, we like to keep our customers happy. We have several customers who have been with us since our beginning. Our aim is to solve your problem, and then move to a lower cost "maintenance model". We don't try to make you dependent on us, but rather we want to do such a good job you will tell others and call us when you want future modifications.


We are flexible. Whether you have a retail business, manage complicated mailing and customer databases, manufacture widgets, breed animals, run a camp, or want help designing a computer based product, we can help. If you want to contain costs by utilizing some in-house skills you may have, or if you want us to manage the entire project, we work by the hour and have plenty of work to keep us busy.


The principal, Steve Coder, has a Bachelor of science degree in Computer and Information Science; hardware/software systems, so he is familiar with all levels of computers and process automation. Steve has been writing software, teaching people to use computers and building computers and electronics since the early 1980's. He worked 8 years customizing software for industrial process automation; paper and steel mills, wire harness production and full design of industrial computers. Steve is not a "cubical nerd". He isn't one to follow every new trendy language or device, but rather knows how to use tried-and-true strategies that will stand the test of time. If you have an older system, he probably understands how it works. He has built houses, farm implements, boats, and holds several credentials in marine navigation. This is very helpful in understanding the wide variety of clients we serve.


Though "we" are a rather small (aka responsive) company, there is truly a "we" of other specialists whom we bring in on various projects as needed.